Area of Work

The General Women's Union works to achieve its vision and deliver its mission by organizing initiatives and activities centered on several key areas of work.


Contributing to Women’s Policy-Making

The General Women's Union reviews women-related public policies, propose necessary amendments to empower women, set priorities, plans and initiatives and participate in drawing up comprehensive national sustainable development plans for each sector related to women's affairs.


Building Women’s Capacities

Under the guidance of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, the General Women's Union attaches great importance to developing women’s capacities and skills in the United Arab Emirates in order to enable them to play their role in sustainable development, thus contributing to their integration in all fields and at all levels.


Researching Women’s Affairs

Women-concerned research is the cornerstone of many activities of the General Women's Union, given the data and indicators it provides to reflect the situation of the Emirati women and their impact on women, families, societies and the preparation of strategic plans, programs, initiatives and policies that should be implemented.


Reviewing and Proposing Amendments to Women-Concerned Legislations

The General Women's Union reviews existing legislations and any other laws and regulations related to women’s affairs and propose other necessary legislations according to developments in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities.


Drawing Up National Women’s Empowerment Strategies and Supervising Their Implementation, Follow-Up and Evaluation

The General Women's Union draws up the national strategies that form its platform of action and works with the relevant official and non-official institutions to integrate these strategies into their plans and programs. It then follows up with them periodically while providing the necessary technical advice and expertise, evaluating achievements and measuring progress against the indicators adopted when preparing the strategy. The union also works in a participatory manner to develop solutions to any potential difficulties faced by stakeholders.


Contributing to Building the Capacities of Women's Institutions and Women’s Rights Concerned Civil Society Institutions

The General Women's Union works to build the capacities of women's institutions working in the field of women’s empowerment and civil society institutions related to women's rights in order to enable them to carry out their tasks and implement their plans and programs up to achieving their objectives.


Representing Women and Women’s Institutions at Local, Arab and International Levels

The General Women's Union serves as the umbrella of the UAE women's efforts, representing Emirati women in local, regional and international conferences, meetings and forums related to women's issues, actively contributes to the committees concerned with reviewing and ratifying conventions on women's rights and prepares state reports on women's rights to regional and international organizations.


Building Local, Arab and International Partnerships

The General Women's Union works to build effective partnerships and organized networks with official and non-official national, Arab, Islamic and international institutions and organizations concerned with women's affairs and issues. It also plays a multi-dimensional national role in working systematically and orderly to advance women, address their issues, positively change and improve their situations.

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