Vision and Mission


Leadership and excellence in women’s participation and empowerment in the UAE sustainable development journey to achieve the quality of life.


The General Women's Union in the United Arab Emirates seeks to adopt policies, plans, programs and initiatives that contribute to promoting the status and position of women, building their capacities and overcoming obstacles to their participation in all aspects of life in order for Emirati women to hold their worthy place, present an honorable model of women's leadership in all national, regional and international forums and achieve international standards of excellence, through distinguished partnerships, high competencies, best practice services and working with all segments of society, both individuals and institutions, and building their capacities to increase their participation in supporting and empowering women.

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You can communicate with us during the working hours of the official library:

From Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

PO Box 130 , Abu Dhabi- UAE

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